Wish you could just fast forward to the life you really want?

You know, that life,  the one that drifts past when you're bored at work or late at night when the world gets quiet. The life where you...

  • show up as your best self rather than your stressed self
  • embrace the unique woman you are instead of managing an image that isn't you
  • have time to recharge your batteries with self-care, creativity and nature
  • create deep, authentic relationships rather than just skimming the surface
  • have space to nurture and birth the spiritual, soulful parts of you
  • trust your intuition and stop doubting or questioning it
  • feel free rather than boxed in

Hi, I'm Kristie! And if this sounds like you, I can help. I'm an Oakland-based Bay Area Life Coach & Career Counselor, and I'm passionate about helping women find their way between the life they're living and the life they dream about.

Believe me, I know what it's like to imagine waking up tomorrow and being in that other life. I've been there myself, stuck in the fantasy and at the same time comforted by it, not wanting to think about the next steps because it's scary and overwhelming.

What I've learned along the way is that you don't have to give everything up--all your security and safety--in order to get from here to there. You can take it one step at a time, and I'll be right there with you. I'll help you quiet the distractions and gain clarity about your deep desires, your needs and your vision for the future. And then I'll stand with you as you begin to experiment, follow your curiosity and try things out!

As your Life Coach, I have endless energy to be with you on the journey to becoming your best self. As a result of our work together, my clients have:

  • Named and claimed their gifts, talents, passions and purpose
  • Explored new ways to find purposeful work and experiment with different career roles
  • Renewed their creative energies and carved out time for creative projects
  • Discovered that when they put themselves at the top of the list for nurturing and self-care, they actually have more time and energy for their most important relationships
  • Created a balance between immediate happiness and long-term meaning
  • Opened up to a life of more ease, calm and joy

So let's get you on the path to the life you dream of! You can take the next step and email me at KharrisCoaching@gmail.com to schedule a free 20-minute consultation session. 

Or if you'd like more information about the process of life coaching with me, click here .

I coach clients in my home office in Oakland or by phone.

Kristie Harris, M.A.,  Board Certified Coach (BCC)