I'm a coach for bright, soulful women who wonder if time is running out on their dreams.

Maybe you're the very responsible woman that people always come to. You're really good at taking care of everyone else's needs, and others probably think you've got it totally figured out. But underneath it all you're torn between the life you truly want and the life you think you should want.

Or you might have had a lot of success in the past bringing your ambitions into focus and going for them. But these days that kind of clarity and drive eludes you and you're overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

It could even be that your dreams seem so different from the life you're living now that you're afraid to really look at them. And sometimes you wonder: Why bother trying? You wind up feeling stuck, thinking you're not enough, comparing yourself to others and maybe even resenting them for having a life that seems impossible to you.

The good news is that the heart of every dream is possible, once you journey down to your deepest desires.

And there is always enough time: It isn't running out. You have enough. You are enough.

As your life coach & holistic career counselor, I believe:

  • When a woman experiments, risks and learns something about herself, there's magic there.

  • When a woman stands on her own and claims what's hers, the world is right.

  • When a woman speaks her truth, she is whole and enough.

So during our time together, I'll help you dive deep, let your curiosity roam and find your own personal magic.

You'll learn to give yourself permission to try things on (and figure out later whether you want to make room for them in your closet). You'll also discover that just a taste is sometimes all you need to go forward, feeling more secure about the choices you're making.

Our coaching sessions also honor the mysteries of life and longing.

They're a safe place for you to navigate the deep waters of soul searching, yearning, resistance and fear: those elusive things we're all trying to understand and make sense of.

The gifts of our work together are significant and tangible. Coaching has helped my clients and can help you to:

  • learn to trust yourself, trust your inner wisdom and trust others

  • get back to center and move away from all or nothing thinking

  • discover new ways to tap into intuition: dreams, body sensing, storytelling

  • give yourself permission to practice self-compassion and self-care

  • find your way back to creativity and play, experiencing them on a regular basis

  • strengthen your relationships through honesty, healthy boundaries and vulnerability

  • take small steps toward big life changes: move, go back to school, quit your job, change career paths, contemplate motherhood, leave a relationship, get married, or start a business!

How We'll Work Together

We begin each session with a gentle check-in. Rest assured we won't do small talk here- we'll do real talk instead! 

I'll ask powerful questions designed to get to the heart of your deepest desires and biggest obstacles. I know that the best questions have no definitive answers, so I'll be right by your side as you find your way through them.

And if it seems like you're about to get lost on a dark part of the path, I'll use humor to lighten things up. Whether we're laughing, talking, crying or creating together, all of it comes from a deep, real place.

During each session I'll also check-in on your commitments. And when fear and resistance show up (they will), we'll put our heads together and create unique ways to help you move through them.

Coaching Details

Depending on your needs, we'll meet either weekly or every other week, and our sessions will last about 45 min. Many clients wonder, how long will this process take? Although each woman varies, I recommend a minimum commitment of three months. Many of my clients work with me for longer (and sometimes shorter) stretches of time. It all depends on your particular needs. 

We can work together by phone/Skype, or possibly in person if you're in the Oakland area.

Coaching Rates

Sessions are $125, billed after each session.

Ready to see if we're a good fit? Click here to email me and schedule a 20 minute complimentary phone consultation.