Hi there! I'm Kristie Harris and I'm a proud instigator of women's empowerment!

I'm on a mission to help women quiet the noise so they can rediscover their core and get back to listening to themselves.

I'm passionate about holding space for women to think, feel and get clear about who they are and what they truly want.

And as your Life Coach, I'll meet you exactly where you are!

I'm also a firm believer in true growth, the kind that starts from a deep place. But it took me awhile to get here.

There was a time in my own life when it felt like I was just scratching the surface.

I fed my inner caregiver steroids so she could take care of everyone, but me. I doubted whether I'd ever have clarity about what I wanted and thought being a "strong woman" meant achieving success completely on my own.

I was paralyzed with uncertainty, doubt and insecurity. 

I regurgitated old cliches. When things didn't work out immediately, I'd quit and go on to the next thing.

Thankfully, I stayed on the journey long enough to reclaim my own depths and remember that depth really is at the core of my purpose. Now, it's an honor to be able to share that with other women!

Five truths about my own growth:

  • I am hungry to do this work--I've fought hard to be here. I've let go of what needed to die so this calling could live. I've quit great paying jobs, moved cities, worried my family and pissed off many institutions along the way, just to be here with you now.
  • I love women's wisdom--the mysterious, old way we change shape when we get together. I love the serendipity, synchronicity, creativity. I love the unpredictability, differences, friction. Almost nothing excites me more and I just can't get enough!
  • I am deep--what can I say? I can do this all day! (And sometimes, I do.) None of it is surface, all of it lives in the river beneath the river. My very first memories are about feeling deeply. Going deep inspires me and connects me to other women in an intentional and meaningful way.
  • I have the credentials to do this work--but I'm not done yet! I'm a ICF Board Certified Coach (BCC) and I studied at the Institute for Life Coach Training. My Master's degree is in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Psychology and Community-based research. When I'm not helping women in my private practice, you'll find me putting my Holistic Career Counseling skills to good use helping long-term unemployed find meaningful, full-time work in San Francisco. Before becoming a Life Coach & Career Counselor, I spent 15 years working as a cross-cultural advocate for women's economic and social justice, and researched ways to improve the lives of communities around me. I have a strong learner's mindset and am always embarking on a variety of new learning adventures. Most recently, I've been studying studying archetypal storytelling and cross-cultural healing techniques with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes! Exciting stuff!! 
  • I'm grateful for the life I live--and my journey to feel whole and enough. When I'm not in a coaching session you might find me walking around Lake Merritt in Oakland, tending my garden, leading women's circles or taking a intuitive process painting class. I love hanging out with my artist-hubby, my friends, and my two crazy cats.

Thanks for reading this far! Before you go, here's the most important thing I want to tell you:

I will stand with a woman for as long as it takes for her to know that she is whole and enough. That she can do anything she puts her intention and energy into. She can build in herself what she admires in others and give back to others all that she's created and learned.